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Worried your child's GPA may be ruined by a D or F? Retake the class at Merit to replace that grade!

Merit has a solution for students (enrolled at other private or public schools) who want to improve their GPAs, may be short on credits for graduation, or need a class for college entrance requirements. We offer one-on-one classes that can be started and completed by your deadlines. If you need just one English class to satisfy college entrance requirements, we can schedule classes to be completed by just about any deadline. With one-on-one classes, the class schedule accommodates your busy life.

Merit Academy is an independent high school accredited by WASC as a Supplementary Education Center. Every class has also been approved by the University of California (A-G). Each class is taught by a real teacher — this is not an online program that depends on student organization and time management. Classes are conducted at one of Merit Academy’s facilities or at your home. Parents receive monthly progress reports and official transcripts are sent to your high school and to colleges (if applicable).

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Retake classes at Merit Academy to replace Ds or Fs

  • Got a D or F in a class?  
  • Retake it at Merit Academy to improve your GPA!
  • Take one-on-one classes
  • Learn better with personalized instruction
  • Fully accredited
  • Accepted by all colleges


Learn more about Merit Academy's One-on-One Classes!

Request a FREE consultation to learn how to ensure that your child GETS IN!

"To say that Merit was an answer to our prayers would honestly be an understatement. Merit came into our lives at a time of educational crisis for my son who was a junior in high school at the time. My son was having great difficulties understanding and keeping up with the pace of his high school math class. He was in great danger of failing junior year math which would have meant that he would be behind credits and might possibly not graduate. We found Merit through a friend who was in a similar situation and she told me of the way Merit was working for her son and thought that it could be an answer to our "math" problems also.

I contacted Merit by phone and spoke with Susan. I immediately felt that we had finally found a school that had belief in their abilities to teach and belief in my son. Merit worked out a creative schedule and math curriculum working with the school standards that finally made sense to my son. He flourished with Merit and finally understood what was being taught to him. He was able to not only pass the Math classes required for graduation but raised his overall GPA. He graduated high school and went on to college. At his college placement test he tested into a Math level that we could have never expected.

We truly believe that his success was due to our prayers being answered a few years back when we made the phone call to Merit!"

-Ruth R.