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Santa Cruz teen's big vision is to build tiny for a better future

August 20, 2011 | Santa Cruz Sentinel

Kendall Ronzano builds "tiny house" for the homeless.

S.C. High student raises $5,800 for women's center

October 1, 2008 | Santa Cruz Sentinel

Dayna Shoemaker collects numerous gifts to benefit teens of domestic violence.

The Local Wonder

August, 2007 | Growing Up in Santa Cruz

Jaclyn D'Arcy founded Kids 4 Hydrogen, received a $20,000 scholarship from Toyota, and made the cover of Growing Up in Santa Cruz.

On the Soapbox

September 22, 2008 | Good Times

Driven by curiosity, Natlie Kassel conducted research on soap that found that antibacterial soap not only contains an ingredient that is bad for the environment, but that regular soap kills an equal amount of harmful bacteria. So why use it? she wondered.

Student designs brake system aimed at saving lives

September 19, 2008 | Santa Cruz Sentinel

Some day, Peter Livingston may save your life - or at least your bumper. Peter has invented a progressive brake light system that shows not only if a driver is stopping but how hard.

CPR Enters School Curriculum

September 28, 2006 | Santa Cruz Sentinel

Stirred by uncle's fatal heart attack, Dylan Tucker takes CPR training to high schools in Santa Cruz to reduce future cardiac failures.


Fuel-Cell technology in homes, cars on horizon

Janurary 13, 2002 | Santa Cruz Sentinel

In a world where pollution is on the rise and the need for clean energy technology is more pressing than ever, students at Merit Academy tackle the issue head-on. Projects considering potential clean energy solutions are completed by students as early as eighth grade – a prospect that makes our environmental future promising indeed.

Re-Enactment May Open Old Wounds

April 25, 2002

Localizing what seems like distant history, a re-enactment of Japanese internment offered fresh perspectives on a sensitive subject. Participants included Nicole and Jaclyn D’Arcy, who, although unborn at the time of the internment, understand the...

Break Through

September 25, 2008

The interest in building developed into a passion for engineering and technology that led Peter Livingston to create the Progressive Brake Light System (PBLS).

D’Arcy, “Peer Pressure”

May 8, 2000

It’s easy to forget realities that motivate teenagers to succumb to “peer pressure.” Through the eyes of Nicole D’Arcy, in a special article written for the Santa Cruz Sentinel, readers see afresh the social stage that forces today’s youth to make tough decisions while growing into new responsibilities – and highlights not only the failures but also the triumphs of its actors.

D’Arcy, “Instant Messaging”

March 31, 2001

It is a “social utopia” you’ve undoubtedly heard of: instant messaging. One teenager reveals an addiction to chatting online and the ensuing struggle to balance her studies and social life. All work and no play makes life dull indeed, but make sure that the persistent clicking of the keyboard is in fact the sound of an essay in progress rather than a discussion of lunch hour politics.

11-Year Old Videographer Opens Business in Soquel

March 19, 2001

Her young face may be an unexpected sight behind the camera, but Jaclyn Tatsui-D’Arcy is a certified television producer, braces and all. Professional organization and “youthful exuberance” combine to make this 11-year-old’s list of accomplishments and future goals something to be admired.


December 30, 2000

What is appropriate when it comes to teenagers and dancing? Nicole D’Arcy explores students’ perspectives on the subject and considers “freaking” in a continuum of “inappropriate” dancing through the ages.

Youth Filmmakers Honored for Environmental Efforts

October 9, 1999

The age-old axiom “build it and they will come” was recently given a new twist by Nicole D’Arcy and Joanne Arguello – a twist that involves not only ice cream, but the benefits of hydrogen as an alternative, environmentally-friendly energy source.

Young Drivers of Merit: Steering Students Through

March, 2001 | Growing Up in Santa Cruz



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