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Merit Academy students build a solid foundation to prepare for middle school.

Merit Academy students build a solid foundation to prepare for middle school.

Merit’s History program is tailored to the developmental level of young students, gradually expanding the subject of study from oneself, to one’s family, to the world at large. Because a 5-year old’s world centers around himself, kindergartners spend an entire year exploring their own history. By the end of kindergarten, each student will have written their own autobiography. In first grade, the study expands to their immediate ancestors. First-graders write a biography of a parent or grandparent. In second grade, students explore the full history of their entire family by writing a genealogical report about their ancestors.

Between third grade and fifth grade, students write 3 research papers for their History class each year and they begin a chronological study of history that continues into middle school. In third grade, students study the origin of the universe and the evolution of the human species. In fourth grade, the students study ancient civilizations, and in fifth grade the topic is medieval civilizations. In addition to lectures and readings, field trips, guest speakers, and historical movies bring the history alive.



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