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Drama & Television Production

at Merit Academy High School

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Directing television productions; Community TV of Santa Cruz County.

At Merit, students have the opportunity to be a central part of a stage or television production. Acting helps students build the self-confidence and public presence that will be useful throughout their lives. In theater, students learn the skills of speech, voice, stage presence, and emotional expression. With our small casts, every student has the opportunity to be a star.

The experience isn’t just limited to stage performance. During their sophomore year, students at Merit Academy write a play. During their junior year, students produce a music video or television show. Students learn how to edit audio and write music for their productions, as well as how to design costumes, make-up, hairstyles, sets and props. The students learn how to film, edit, and produce shows for television, and they even learn the skills of advertising and media relations by hyping their productions and writing press releases for the local papers and the web.



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