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30 Ways To Get Organized

McCall's magazine covered Tatsui-D'Arcy in action:
She worked with a family to get them organized.

Everybody at some time in their personal or professional lives can benefit from working with a Professional Organizer. After having an organizational consultant examine your daily routine, you’ll receive helpful tips on how to save time and money. Most tips require just minor changes that will dramatically improve your productivity and effectiveness.

Who Needs a Professional Organizer?

Do you have trouble:
 • Meeting deadlines?
 • Planning events?
 • Keeping information organized?
 • Using your time efficiently?
 • Coordinating with co-workers?
 • Finding your keys or other personal items?

Do you feel like you're:
 • Always struggling to catch up?
 • Always forgetting important dates and meetings?
 • Always hunting for someone to look after the kids?

Do you want to:
 • Redesign your paperwork system?
 • Improve communication at the office?
 • Help employees increase productivity?
 • Enhance team spirit at the office?
 • Better manage your time?
 • Set up child care?
 • Reduce employee sick days?
 • Build a more efficient workspace?

If you answered "yes" to any questions above, a Merit Organizational Consultant can help you regain control. Merit's Expert Organizational Consultants will meet with you at your home or office. Organizational consultation is billed at $125 per hour (3-hour minimum for on-site visits). Merit services the Santa Cruz, Monterey, Santa Clara/San Jose, and San Francisco Bay areas.

Call Merit Professional Organizers at 831.462.5655 or 877.357.5655
for a FREE Estimate!

McCalls Cover

Tatsui-D'Arcy organizes family homes and lifestyles (using Merit's planner!)



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