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Doing a project is the best way to distinguish yourself within the increasingly competitive pool of college applicants. If you're like most students, you may feel a bit overwhelmed by the thought of doing a project - but don't be intimidated! Merit College Advisors can walk you though the entire process of creating a compelling project, giving you the advantage in the college admissions game.


We'll explore a wide range of topics until you find the perfect project. We'll consider issues that need solving, gadgets that need engineering, stories that need to be written, people who need support, and more. Our college advisors have a plethora of ideas that are atonce exciting for you personally and will make a difference in today's world.


We know you have a busy schedule. Merit College Advisors will help you organize your schoolwork, extracurricular activities, clubs, social calendar, and family obligations so you have time to do a project. Using the Merit Planner, you'll learn how to divide your project into steps, set reasonable deadlines for each part, and block off time to accomplish each one. Your Merit College Advisor will also help you set up a timeline to ensure that you complete your project before you begin your senior year -- just in time to write your personal statements for college.
Planning ensures a structure for taking action


In addition to guiding you through the steps to complete your project, your Merit College Advisor will arrange a mentor to assist you in the technical steps of your project. That way, you'll be supported in each phase of your project.


If your project requires financing, Merit College Advisors will help you write letters to apply for financial aid. Gaining sponsorship also validates your project by prequalifying it for the college admissions committees. Learning how to work with philanthropists is a life skill that is helpful in college and professional careers.

Press Release

After you complete your project, you'll design your press releases to tell the world about your project. Merit College Advisors will help you select the best media to approach. Whether you're aiming to get on Oprah or in the local newspaper, we'll show you the correct protocol for writing your press releases.

You need to get started now!

We start by finding each student's passion and exploring their extracurricular interests. Students are encouraged to pursue original projects that involve research and community involvement.
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We can give you the help you need right from your own home with resources and advisors available specifically to guide you!



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