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Harry W.


Harry's Tru-School Hip Hop Concert Tour

Intrigued by true school rap artists with a positive message, Harry organized Harry’s Tru-School Hip Hop Concert Tour. He found that dancing with Total Chaos gave him a family of close friends and a group of kids he could work with to advance his dance skills. Hoping to reach out to at-risk youth, Harry was determined to show them how training for hip hop can give them a future without violence, drugs, or gangs. Merit College Advisors coached Harry in negotiating with government agencies, organizing events, and turning an idea into a powerful social change movement. Harry met with Barrios Unidos, Brown Berets, and Juvenile Hall representatives to determine the most effective venue to reach wanna-be gang members. His first concert at the local juvenile hall was a huge success. The teens were mesmerized by Total Chaos’ performance and completely engaged by the speakers. Harry walked away from that experience with the inspiration to make it his life’s work. Harry received full-scholarship offers from the country’s best universities and is currently studying at UCLA.



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