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Jaclyn D.


Support from the governor for Kids 4 Hydrogen

Kids 4 Hydrogen (Site)

After scooping ice cream from an electric ice cream maker that was powered by her sister’s hydrogen fuel cell in 4 th grade, Jaclyn became a true environmentalist. Merit College Advisors coached her as she researched alcohol fuel, hydrogen fuel cells, and solar energy. In 9th grade, Jaclyn founded Kids 4 Hydrogen, a non-profit 501.c.3. She spoke at the American Lung Association’s Breathe Easy Award Ceremony honoring Governor Schwartzenegger for his leadership at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. After hearing Jaclyn’s inspirational speech, American Honda offered her a one-million dollar hydrogen fuel cell car. Under Merit’s guidance, Jaclyn worked closely with hydrogen organizations, car manufacturers, and politicians to find the most sustainable energy carrier for the new millennium. She discussed the possibility of converting combustion engine vehicles from using petroleum to gaseous hydrogen, and worked with several engineers to determine its marketability and safety. Jaclyn won 4 of the 5 scholarships she applied for including the $20,000 Toyota Community Scholars Award. When Claremont McKenna College offered Jaclyn a huge scholarship, she matriculated to the college where every student is a “Leader in the making.”



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