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Natalie K.


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Worthless Antibacterial Soap Harms Us Permanently (W.A.S.H.U.P.)
After conducting an experiment comparing regular soap to antibacterial soap, Natalie found that they both kill the same amount of bacteria. Because triclosan causes both environmental and health problems, she claims that there is no reason to continue using any antibacterial products. As a 17-year-old environmentalist, Natalie organized Worthless Antibacterial Soap Harms Us Permanently (W.A.S.H.U.P.) to educate the public and to encourage them to stop buying products made with triclosan. Merit College Advisors helped Natalie select this project and coached her as she created her logo, ran her experiment, set up her website, did her public debut, put up her video on YouTube, and sent out press releases. Natalie made a soap dispenser costume and paraded along the Pacific Garden Mall to bring attention to her project. Her story was covered by a local newspaper and she is currently working with her high school to get them to stop using antibacterial soaps.



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