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Nicole D.


Hydrogen Fuel Cell Creation

Nicole's 8th grade team was the first group of students in the world to build a hydrogen fuel cell. Merit College Advisors worked with the Dept. of Energy and Schatz Energy Center engineers to get $30,000 in grants and engineering mentors. Nicole spoke at the National Hydrogen Association’s conference and the Renewable Energy Caucus in Washington DC to promote fuel cell technology. The Dept. of Energy financed her fuel cell tour across the US because they believed that she could make a more productive impact with her demonstration of making ice cream with her hydrogen fuel cell than their scientists could. By fueling her ice cream maker with her fifteen-cell stack, she has educated thousands of people about the potential of alternative energy sources. She spent four years promoting a hydrogen economy by speaking at twenty-seven conferences across the nation, appearing on the cover of Solar Today Magazine, being interviewed in four documentary videos and two live radio station programs, and being featured in sixteen articles in newspapers and publications. Nicole was accepted to every Ivy League college she applied to but she chose to do her undergraduate work at Stanford University. She is currently a medical student at Stanford.



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