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The Progressive Brake Light System

After a near accident, Peter realized that his existing brake lights didn’t indicate to the car behind him how hard he was pressing on his brakes. Peter was working with Merit College advisors to select the project at that time and this near collision prompted him to design and engineer a brake light system. Merit set up a tutor to introduce electrical engineering and to help Peter design his project. They worked together for a year as they engineered a pressure-sensitive device. When the driver taps his brakes to slow down, the first row of LEDs light up; and when the driver slams on his brakes to come to a sudden stop, the entire LED system illuminates to let the driver in the following car know that they need to stop. After Peter completed his project, his Merit College Advisor helped him apply for a patent. Engaged with his success, Peter designed his logo and developed a high-tech website complete with video and photos. Peter’s Progressive Brake Light System (PBLS) was featured on TV and in several newspapers, and he is thrilled to be studying mechanical engineering in college!



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