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Who Needs This War?

Our goal is to end the Iraq War. It has been over eight years and 4,300 brave soldiers have been killed, not to mention the massive destruction that has overwhelmed the affected areas.

Who Needs This War is using an image of a military officer handing a folded flag to a mourning mother of a fallen soldier. This image is a collaboration drawn by 17-year-old Jaque Lobb of Santa Cruz, California and Julie Drysdale of Aptos, California. If you look closely, you will notice that each pixel within the image is the face of a soldier who has been killed fighting in the Iraq War.

We must have all American soliders back on American soil by August 31, 2010 because every day, the number of fallen soldiers grows. Please sign our petition to show your support of this goal by clicking here. Please also download the image and show your support of Who Needs This War. Place it in a window, a car, or on a wall; it can be printed on paper or fabric, and you can put in your classrooms, offices, and other public places. Please do your part to help us end this destructive war.



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