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The 21st Century Mother's Guide to Managing Your Time and Taking Control of Your Life!

"Susan’s techniques for scheduling, planning, prioritization and time management shoed us how to juggle work, school, extra-curricular activates, family commitments and personal time without feeling stressed and pressured. This book is an indispensable reference for any person interested in using their time effectively, and a must-read for all families." 

- Richard Gilbert, M.D.

There are countless books on time management, but have you seen one for working mothers?

More and more women pursue active lives outside their homes. Between their careers, their families, and their personal lives, mothers today juggle a staggering load of responsibilities. Not surprisingly, many are seeking a solution to take back their lives.

This guide takes mothers through all the steps they’ll need to restore order and organization to their life and the lives of those around them. The program emphasizes time management, careful planning, and ongoing communication with family and coworkers.

First, the Merit Planner is introduced—a separate daily planner that even includes evenings and weekends. (the Merit planner can be purchased at this website too.) Mothers are guided to enter all their regular commitments into the planner. But there’s also an eye for the bigger picture; long-term goals are entered next and then they are broken into more manageable subtasks. Next mothers are shown how to coordinate with the other members of their family and how to get them organized too. Three chapters are devoted to cooking, housekeeping, and shopping. There is a fun chapter dedicated to scheduling “time for you,” as well as a chapter on maintaining motivation and a chapter on miscellaneous ways to better utilize time. After following these steps, you’ll be amazed at how much more time you have and how much more in control you feel!





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