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High school students take rigorous courses to prepare for college

The Curriculum For Private Schools And Homeschoolers

Merit Academy’s high school gives students an unparalleled foundation to prepare for the rigors of even the most selective universities. Merit graduates have been accepted and matriculated to Stanford, Harvard, Yale, Brown, UCLA, UC Berkeley, and other prestigious colleges. The level of preparation exceeds that of college prep courses at public high schools. Throughout their high school experience, students not only build a robust academic foundation that spans the academic disciplines, but they are also challenged to strive for excellence.

At Merit, we always build the educational experience around the student. Students who need time to adjust to the high standards can opt to take general education courses until they are ready to excel in Merit’s honors courses or courses offered through local colleges and universities. If students have special interests or want to learn about subjects that aren’t normally taught, we can design courses that fit their needs.

We also believe that education should go beyond the classroom setting. Classes travel to sites where they learn more about the subjects they’re studying, making learning interactive. While studying United States History, the students visited the homes of America’s famous writers (Thoreau, Hawthorne, Emerson, and more) in Concord, MA; toured the battlegrounds of Gettysburg; explored the point of entry to America at Ellis Island; and toured the White House, Supreme Court, and the Senate Building in Washington, DC. Students studying Medieval Civilizations traveled along the Romantic Road in Germany to see the castles and museums. They take one major trip per school year.

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Merit Honors Courses

Merit Academy offers Honors courses for students who are high achievers. Honors courses offer a challenge above and beyond our college prep courses. In order to graduate with honors at Merit Academy, the student needs to take all Honors courses for 4 years.

Honors courses are more challenging in a number of ways. They are more rigorous than IB or AP courses. (Although Merit does not offer any courses designated as AP, students can take the AP exams for courses they take at Merit.) They require about 50% more work than regular college prep courses. And they require students to conduct research, apply theoretical concepts, and complete independent projects, thereby providing a more comprehensive learning experience.

After students complete the Honors courses in the sciences at Merit, they are encouraged to begin taking science courses at the local college or university. Here students will be exposed to the college atmosphere and structure, putting them far ahead of their peers by the time they enter college.




Merit Academy is a Kindergarten through 12th Grade Independent School accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) as a Supplemental Educational Center.

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